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Sizing Chart

There is often a variation between manufactures when making clothes which mean a slight variations in sizes.

Should you choose an item that is the wrong size, you can return to us using the ‘Returns and Exchange’ service.

The following size chart is a guideline for approximate sizes:

USA Sizes Australian Sizes
Newborn 0000
0-3 Months 000
3-6 Months 00
6-9 Months 0
9-12 Months 1
12-18 Months 1-2 (varies)
18-24 Months 1-2
2T 2 (slightly bigger than AUS 2)
3T 3
4T 4
China Sizes Australian Sizes
50 Newborn
60 3 Months
70 6-12 Months
80 12-18 Months
90 18-24 Months
100 3-4 Years
110 4-5 Years
120 6-7 Years
130 8-9 Years
140 10-11 Years



Quilt Sizing Guide

  Quilt Sizes
(Width x length)
Bed Sizes
(Width x length)
Cot 90cm x 120cm  
Single Bed 140cm x 210cm  92cm x 190cm
Double Bed 180cm x 210cm  137cm x 190cm
Queen Bed 210cm x 210cm  152cm x 203cm
King Bed 240cm x 210cm  182cm x 203cm
Super King 270cm x 240cm  

NB: Most Doona Covers are imported from overseas. Queen size advertised Doonas will say they are a Double on the packaging. However, they have been tested to fit an Australia Queen Sized Bed. Sizing of these are generally 200cm x 200cm. Based on this they are inbetween a Double and Queen Australian Size. Feedback from many customers are happy with these Doonas appropriately fitting an Australian Queen sized bed.